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Over 20 years ago Rocky Giltner opened Bluffton Glass, which was located on the corner of 116 and main street in Bluffton, Indiana. Skip forward to December 2018 just before Christmas, Bluffton Glass undertook some major changes: 

A new owner, a new name, and coming soon… a NEW LOCATION!


Stronghold Glass, LLC


Purchasing this company from Rocky has been an exciting adventure. Our goal is to utilize Rocky’s 2 decades worth of knowledge and experience with Bart’s new ideas and determination, to grow this business.


We strive for strong and trustworthy relationships with our employees and customers. 


Bart grew up dairy farming just outside of Bluffton. Since that time, the family-run operation has moved and expanded. (Trust me, you can’t beat the values learned when you’re raised on a dairy farm!)

Values like faith, hardwork and integrity are at the core of day to day efforts at Frauhiger Livestock. Bart intends to carry those same invaluable traits he acquired farming into this new venture at Stronghold Glass, serving both new and returning customers. 


We’re very excited to be moving to 1325 W Wiley in Bluffton Indiana this fall.


This new building will be great for efficiency and ability to serve our customers even better! 

We want to be your one stop glass shop whether you live in Bluffton or the surrounding areas. 

Stay tuned for more new and exciting changes that will be happening on the corner of 116 and main street - (soon to be Wiley!)


Stronghold Glass, LLC is a full auto home and commercial glass service! Full auto glass replacement and 20 minute rock chip repair service, windshield repair business, windshield glass repair, commercial glass installation, windshield replacement quote, glass shower door installation.

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